Misc Unsigned Bands - 3rd Union - My Love chords

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"My Love" is played tuned down a whole step, with a Capo on 2nd fret, leaving the 
bottom "E" (technically D) string open. 

Intro: D

Verse 1

D                                    G              D
Oh, I know that this road is rough
Asus                                       G                            D
Itís dark and uncertain but ill be beside you my love
D                            G           D
Oh, the future is hard to see
        Asus                                  G                                                D
But Iíll keep you steady as long as you hold on to me


Bm  Asus               G                         D
My love, I just wanted you to know
Bm  Asus       G                    D
My love, you will never be alone
Bm               Asus          G                                 D
If you get lost and you donít know where to go
                Bm                    Asus                     D
You can always come home to my love

Verse 2 (Same as Verse 1)

Oh, I know that this road is long
Sometimes I get scared, But i know Iíll be safe in your arms
Oh, cause when you are holding me
I know Iím as ready as Iíll ever be
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