Misc Unsigned Bands - Science Camp - Shooting Star chords

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This song was played at science camp and i thought it was beautiful, hopefully 
these chords will help for the future :)
(This is my first ever submitted tab, so i apologize if there are any mistakes 
with the chords. Other than that, i hope you enjoy the song!)

*Verse 1:

D                   A      Bm              G
Please won't you catch a shooting star for me

D                A                D
---And take it with you on your way.

             D               A
Though it seems like we just met,

            Bm              G
You're the one I won't forget.

D                 A                    D
Hope some kind wind blows you back my way.


G                                                 D
And I was thinking maybe somewhere later down the road,

G                               D
After all our stories have been told,

D                       A
I'll sit and think of you,

       Bm                G
The dear friend I once knew.

D                A                    D
Shot through my life like a shooting star.

*Verse 2:

D              A          Bm               G
Sometimes I know that a part of you will show,

D            A            D   
Deep in my eyes or in my smile.

D                  A                Bm                G
There will always be a part of you deep inside my heart

D                  A                      D
And I'll always know just when to let it go.

*Repeat Chorus*

*Verse 3:

D                    A           Bm              G
You are so dear; you're my light and shining star.

D                    A            D
you brighten up my each and every day.

D                Bm                      G                     
You are so near, but soon you'll be so far.

D           A           D
So why not hold my today.

*Finish with Chorus*
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