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Misc Unsigned Bands - Tom Wilson - Biffs Question Song chords

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Biffs Question Song

G  C  D  G

          G                        C
When I'm flying in a plane, or I'm on the street

           D                             G
there's a lot of friendly people that I like to meet.

They shake my hand but never ask me my name, 

and they start asking questions that are always the same, hey...


 G                   C
Whats Micheal J Fox Like? He's Nice.

 D                        G
Whats Christofer Loyd Like? Kinda Quiet.

 G                       C
Whats Krispen Glover Like? Unusual.

 D                  G
Stop asking me the question.


        C                    G              
Can we take your picture? Come on, look mean.

           D                                G
Would you call my friend a butthead on his answeing machine?

 C                     G
Questions, questions, fill my head,

   D          D         D
I went to my doctor my doctor said...

[NOTE: There are more lyrics than this, and he sings in a little differant each 
time, but this should give you an idea of the chord progressions]

Tabbed By: Ryndon
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