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Misc Unsigned Bands - Brooke Basto - Out Of The Ordinary chords

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Am/// C/// G/// D/// x2
Am/// C/// G/// D/// x
G/// Em/// C/// G/// D///X2
Between bridge and chorus repeat intro.
Bridge: D/// Em/// C/// G///X4
Outro: C/// Em/// G/// D///
Verse 1:
Hellogoodbye plays on the radio.
Here in your arms that's how it goes.
I think think of you and I feel that I know what I want.
I've known for awhile and let me tell you it's true to you.

Why can't I stop thinking of you, it's out of the ordinary.
It's been so long since I felt like this,
But before I'd never pull through.

Verse 2:
We're laying by a rock on a warm spring day
And I've never felt closer to you.
I can hear your heart beating fast,
I want to make it last awhile.


When a storm passes through this little island I love
I want you to hold me like you told me you would.
Tell me nothing is changing it will all be okay, It will all stay the same from day to day.
Yeah, ohhh.
It will all be okay from day to day, yeahhh, ohh.


I never, I'd never, I'd never pull through, but then came you.X3
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