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Misc Unsigned Bands - Highway 180 - I Am For You To Use chords

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           I Am For You To Use  -  Highway 180

Capo 3

Intro: D E A (2x)

Verse 1:
D          E            A
How can I sing of Your love?
            D            E       A
How can I speak of Your faithfulness?
            D            E       A
How can I praise what I do not know?
           D            E        A
How can I sing of Your righteousness?

E             D          A
Lord, I have nothing to give
    E     D    A
No gift good enough
              E     D     A
But to say, great, holy, wonderful

  D                E       A
Savior, I live to worship You
    D               E     A
My King, I live to serve You
      D                E    A
Bridegroom, I live to love You
  D       E      A
I Am For You To Use

Let Your mercy cover me
Let Your grace hold me

Start the song with the intro, and move straight into the verse. For the verse and the 
intro, the D is played for two beats, the E for two beats, and the A for four beats.
Play the verse 2x and then the pre-chorus once. The pre-chorus is the same as the verse 
except that the D and E chords are switched.
Play the chorus the same as the verse.
Repeat the verse once, the pre-chorus and the chorus.
The bridge only uses the D chord. Play the bridge twice. For each line, the D chord is 
played for 8 beats, for a total of 32.
After the bridge, play the pre-chorus again, and then the chorus 2x. Play the last line 
of the chorus two extra times.

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This is a preview to the band "Highway 180" and their upcoming debut album. Visit us at 
our website -
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