Misc Unsigned Bands - Chevy Chase - The Way It Is chords

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The Greendale Community College theme song

Am7 Em7 D C

Am7            Em7
Standing in a bookstore line
D               C
Waiting for the bell to chime
G          D           C
so you can go to class
Am7            Em7
dancing in your underwear
D                C
taking air conditioner repair
G             D                   C
so you can get a job

G6 (A B G) Fmaj7 (G A E) C (D E G)

C                            G6 Fmaj7
Greendale's the way it goes
C                              G6 Fmaj7
Some things are still the same
C                         G6 Fmaj7
Sock pails and pantyhose
C                     G6 Fmaj7
Annie believes in me

Am7 Em7 
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