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Misc Unsigned Bands - Rachel Sermanni - The Fog chords

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This is one of my first attempts at chords. The lyrics might be kind of off! This 
song is awesome and I couldn't find any tabs for it so I thought I'd try my hand at it. Enjoy!

Capo 1

Standard Tuning

Em D C B

Em                    D                                  C
Deep deep down under mountains I have heard them call my name
Will play their little game and tell them
Em                       D                            C
Deep deep down I've been waiting for the fighting to begin
Hold my hands up
Em                    D                              C
Deep sleep now, under skies of pressing dark upon my dress
B                                         Em
Watch it turn from white to red under the bone clean moon
     D                          C
I am clinging to this burning shaking bed
Must I hold my hands up
B               B
My bloody hands up

Em           D
Mercy, Mercy I've been caught
C             B
Lying with my darkest thought
Em                     D             C  B
They grab my wings and pin me to the wall
Em                   D
Light please try to hold your ground
C          B
Lift me up before I drown
Em                       D 
The din creeps 'neath my skin 
            C       B
And I can't hear no goodness speak

From the neighboring town
          D                              C
There's a boy who comes to sing upon our street
B                                    Em
I watch him from the window thinking deep deep down
        D                          C
He'd be richer if he just became a thief
Instead he holds his hands out
Em                 D
I walk down to the river
Stand and shiver in the wind
B                                         Em
Throw stones and watch them sink into the icy blue
       D             C    B
Let it rise about my ankles
I don't want this darkness
But the sun just falls from the sky

Chorus again x 2
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