Misc Unsigned Bands - Ash Baigent - Sammy chords

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This is a song i wrote for my best friend. I love you Sammy.

Chords used: F C G Am

Verse 1:
F            G             C           Am
When I'm in bed I talk to you about my day.
F            G            C            Am
You always listen to whatever I have to say.

Verse 2:
F                G                           C               Am
Life's not been easy for me, but it's been great having you there.
F           G               C              Am
And even though you cannot talk I know you care.

F                 G
Sammy, you're my best friend,
        C                    Am
Even though you're full of fluff.
F                  G
Sammy, you're the best mend,
       C                  Am
For a day that's been so rough.
F            G
Sammy, come lie with me,
C                Am
Comfort me while I rest.
F       G               C
Sammy, stay here on my chest.

Verse 3:
F              G                C                Am
I wish i could be for you what you have been for me.
F            G                 C          Am
If you were real I'd show you and let you see that.

Verse 4:
F             G               C                Am
I care about you and you keep me from feeling scared.
F                  G               C            Am
You make me feel safe when you're next to me in bed.


C                G                     F            G
I'm sorry for chewing your nose when i was a little kid.
C         G                F         G
  It was really therapeutic.
C                G                F              G
Thinking back to all the awesome things that we did.
C          G                   F        G
Hey man, together we are so sick.

F       G                C
Sammy, stay here on my chest.
F                G        C
Sammy, you're my best friend.

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