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Misc Unsigned Bands - Dave Moisan - Mexico chords

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Mexico- Dave Moisan
I'm surprised that chords for this song weren't already on the internet, so I 
tried to figure it out as best as I could by ear :p.

           A                             E
I met this girl at a wedding down in Mexico. 
               A                                           E
Her long black curls; they would follow her wherever she'd go. 
     A                 G#m          C#m               F#7    
Oh I taught her how to samba I only wish I would have thought of 
That when you're dancing by the ocean you can fabricate emotion 
And it's hard to differentiate.

   E                          F#m                                  
Is it the rhythm or the sand? Senorita understand 
             A                         B
They'll take hold of you. They'll take hold of you. 
    E                             F#m
The evening sea will pull you in, hypnotize and leave you when 
       A                       B
You go home again. When you go home again.

            A                                        E
The letters fly and I feel bad for how long I have delayed, 
                 A                                             E
But I just can't reply 'cause I'd be typing until the month of may. 
                         A             G#m             
It's like a scratch on a CD that keeps repeating 
            C#m            F#7
and now the song is losing meaning. 
So if you want to find the one for you go on and skip a track or two
and cast aside this old debate.

           A                                     E
I met this girl and now it seems it was forever ago.
                        A                            Am
We found ourselves in a dream but we left it down in Mexico-oh-oh oh.

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