Misc Unsigned Bands - Dana Congdon - The Discipleship Song Not Searching For Experience chords

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Written by Dana Congdon
Key of D

D                   Em
Not searching for experience,
A                  Dsus  D
 Nor longing for a feel-ing
Bm                Em
 I come in simple faith to you,
A                   Dsus  D  D7
 My heart and body yielding.
D7                          Em
 There's something stirring deep in me,
A                    Dsus D
 My heart is feeling tender;
Bm                    Em
 In light of all Your mercies, Lord,
A                Dsus  D  D7
 My all I now sur-ren-der.

           G                   A
Before the Throne of Christ I kneel,
           F#m              Bm
Under the Spirit's power I yield,
           Em               A
All that I have or want or feel,
          D                D7
Empty or full, I know He's real.
          G             A
A living sacrifice I'll be;
         F#m          Bm
Holy, ac-cept-able to Thee;
            Em                 A
Yielded as Christ is formed in me,
Constrained by His mercy.
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