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With Your Love:Jack Scott.
#28 in 1958.


E         A           F#m
With your love here beside me..here to
D                 E
guide me, how can I..go wrong?
A                    F#m
He sent you unto me..cause you were meant 
          D                      E
for me..I know you'll always be, my real destiny.

    A                             F#m
The touch of your soft hands..the kiss 
from your sweet lips..will meet my fingertips..
with your loooove.

  A                       F#m
I know there'll never be..another love for me..
D                    E
happiness eternally..with your looove.

A                      F#m              D
With your love..here beside me..here to guide me..
        E                      A
how can I..go wrong..with your love?..

                          D               A
with your love, with your love..with your looove.

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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