Misc Unsigned Bands - Timi Yuro - Whats-a Matter Baby chords

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What's The Matter Baby:Timi Yuro.
#12 Hot 100 and #16 R&B in 1962.


A                                         A7
I know the reason you've been crying..oh, yeah.
  D         E                A
I heard she won't be needing you.
A                                           A7
How does it feel, being the one left behind?
D                      E             A
What's a matter, baby, is it hurting you?

A                                        A7
I know you found out she's been cheating.
      D              E                  A   
And I heard she even told you she was untrue.
How does it feel, being on the outside, looking in?
D                     E             A
What's a matter baby, is it hurting you?

  D                       A
Remember..remember when I needed you so bad?
  E                                A
Remember..remember what you had to say?
    D                                     A
You told me, to find, another shoulder to cry on.
         B                                    E
Then you laughed..you laughed and you walked away.

  A                                        A7
I know that you've been asking about me(ha-ha.)
        D          E                 A
And I'm sorry, but I've got somebody new.
A                                  A7
Now, my hurting is just about over..
     D     E                      A    
but, baby, it's just starting for you.

A                      F#m
Ohhh...what's a matter baby? 
F#m                     A
Do you remember how you hurt me, child?..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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