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Misc Unsigned Bands - Harry Potter Musical - Cho Chang chords

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Great song from the StarKid guys, played in HPM and is meant for Cho Chang. Enjoy playing:

C                           A#
  You're short and cool and witty,
                      F       F
you're really, really pretty, Cho Chang

C                        A#
  I'm the Mickey to your Minney,
                        F      F
you're the Tigger to my Winni, Cho Chang

C                         A#
  I wanna take you to the city,
                      F        F
get it all up in your titties, Cho Chang

C                      A#
 You're sweeter than a guinea pig,
F                       F
 I wanna take you up to Winnipig,

A#                 F      F
Cho, Cho, Ch-Ch-Ch-Chang, Cho Chang

In the end he kinda takes off with this Ch-Ch-Ch- Chang, so no problem if you guys 
keep going with it till you're nuts! Really fun to play and watch the videos!!!
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