Misc Unsigned Bands - River Y - Memory Lane chords

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Cappo 4

Am ,C, G, D

Verse 1
(Am)               (C)     (G)
Look at this old abandoned place
Once upon a time there was nothing but space
(Am)                   (C)          (G)
This was my childhood this was my fate
To fill it all up with my disgrace 

(Am)                 (G)
So let me take you to where I belonged
(Am)                        (E)
I was lost but i found my way 

(Am)                             (G)
look at this street it's full of trash
I guess that nobody gives a crap  
 Welcome to memory lane

Verse 2
(Am)                           (C)      (G)
I remember these people who made me laugh
I never did find them on my way back
(Am)                   (C)         (G)
Some of my firends they dissapeared
I never knew what happened it sure was wierd

 Repeat Chorus
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