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Misc Unsigned Bands - Tigertown - Morning Has Finally Come chords

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C       G    C
ohhhhh ohhh ohhhh
C         F           G            Am
ohh ohhh ohhhhh ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh  ohhhhh
repeat X2

F            G            Am
A change is something something (cant understand her)
F             G        Am      F
Get off the chair and start again
F             G       Am
The Storm has rolled Away
F             G         Am   Dm(7)
It's Turning round and round again
Dm(7)          C                    G (hold)........
don't hold me down its starting to come.....

C        G      C                            Am
Ooooohhh ooooh ohhhhh The morning has finally come
Am             G            C                      C
OOoooh ohhh ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhh Follow the rising sun
C         G       C                           Am
Oooohhh ohhhhhhh ohhhh Who knows if we have won.
Am             G             C                
Ohhhhhh oooh Ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhh

V2 (same as v1)
Chorus (same as chorus)

G,       C,         F
uhhhh uhhhhh ohhhh ohhhh
G           C        F
uhhhhhh uuuuggg ohhhhhhhh

Repeat Chorus: (ease after epic bridge)
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