Misc Unsigned Bands - The Riders - Coalinga tab

The Riders - Coalinga

   E          C# A
E ---------------------------|
B ---------------------------|
G ---------9--4--2-2---------|  Repeat as necessary
D -9h11p9--6--4--2-2------2--|
A --------------------2h4----|
E ---------------------------|

    D(V)          Esus4
E --------4-------------5-----------|
B ----5-----5---5---5-----5---5-----|
G --4---4-----4---2---2-----2-------|  Repeat as necessary
D ----------------------------------|
A ----------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------|

Between Verse and Chorus
8 strums of D(P)

            C#m         F#m
And he said son it will be all right
       C#m                   F#m
Just a little detour on this road of life
     C#m               F#m
Dont take it so far so fast
     C#m         F#m        A
Just take a look around and make it last
    To Verse
In Coalinga

Chords Used:
C#m   446654
F#m   222442
A     002220
D(P)  xx0232
D(V)  xx0454
Esus4 000255
E     x799xx
C#    x466xx
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