Misc Unsigned Bands - Dropdeadkxy - Master Of None chords

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Check out the video and her youtube channel!!!

Basically every verse before the “Jack of all trades” part is plucked.
You can pluck whatever variation you want, but she starts with playing the bass note twice. 

And for the strumming part, I think she’s playing power chords? Sounds like it.
A power chord is just 3notes. Where the bass note basically defines the chord, and 
you don’t have to worry too much about the chord being a minor or major.

C    Bb    F     Am    Dm
x    x     x     x     x
3    1     x     0     x
2    3     3     2     0
0    3     2     2     2
1    3     1     1     3
0    1     1     0     1

Power Chord
A    A*    D    G    C    Bb   F   (F)
5    5     x    3    x    6    1    x
7    7     5    5    3    8    3    8
7    5     7    5    5    8    3    10
X    x     7    x    5    x    x    10
X    x     x    x    x    x    x    x
X    x     x    x    x    x    x    x

*For the last verse you can play F or (F), and just play A if you see Am, same for Dm.

C          Bb        F
You always go to the parties
Am            Bb           F
To pluck the feathers off all the birds
Am  Bb   Am
On your knees 
       Dm       C    F
I will not beg you please

Am           Bb          F
I want your picture but not your words
Am             Bb          F
You know they want it but there’s no verse
Am  Bb   Am
On your own
        Dm      C        F
You cannot call it your all

Am         Bb              F             
We always wrung our heads too much
Am           Bb          F
We knew the reasons but such and such
Am  Bb   Am
On your own
         Dm         C     F
You will not catch your unknown

Am         Bb        F
We run our fingers together
Am           Bb       F 
You know its easy the devils plan
Am  Bb   Am 
On your own 
       Dm       C        F
You cannot call me your all

A        A*
Jack of all trades
Master of none
Cry all the time
Cause I’m not having fun

C          Bb            F 
You always want to be forgiven
Am        Bb           F 
The devil ask what you ask of him
Am  Bb   Am
On your knees
           Dm            C       F
But you cannot, you will not agree

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