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Misc Unsigned Bands - Checkers And Stripes - My Own Anthem tab

“My Own Anthem”
Checkers & Stripes
From The Album “Life Just Sucks”
*=Palm Mute
^= Bend
Intro      (Clean)         Distort            Verse (6x)
|------------------------|--------|          |-----------------------------|
|------------------------|--------|          |-----------------------------|
|--7~~~-7~~~-7~~~--------|--------|          |--77-7-----------99-9--------|
|--7~~~-7~~~-7~~~--------|-->>>---|          |--77-7-77-7-99-9-99-9--------|
|--5~~~-5~~~-5~~~--------|-->>>---|          |--55-5-77-7-99-9-77-7--------|
|------------------------|--------|          |-------55-5-77-7-------------|
 					        **   **   **   **
Chorus (4x)                         Bridge (2x)         Outro (2x)
|------------------------------|   |--------------|    |----------------|
|------------------------------|   |--------------|    |----------------|
|--7777-9999------9999---------|   |--7-------9---|    |-----9-7-999----|
|--7777-9999-9999-9999---------|   |--7--7--9-9---|    |--9--9-7-999----|
|--5555-7777-9999-7777---------|   |--5--7--9-7---|    |--9--7-5-777----|
|------------7777--------------|   |-----5--7-----|    |--7-------------|
Which is really worse? The hurtful things that I said
Or this feeling like you having a gun against my head?
Tell me would you be able to function well
If you too lived in this exact same type of hell?
Should I answer the question or question the answer?
Which of these options would you most prefer?

I don't have enough time for this motivation
All it ever does is break my concentration
I never ant to do what I'm told to do
Most of all I don't ever want to end up like you

Am I just suffering from all of my depression?
Or is this your endless onslaught of oppression?
It's like I'm being held hostage in my own house
When will I ever get a chance to break out?
You say that I need to learn some grattitude
Well I'm sick of your much too positive attitude


I'm tired of being forced into contradicting belief
I just wish there was some way for me to leave
How am I supposed to make myself into something 
When you keep treating me like I am nothing?
The only reason you guys always smile
Is that you're neck deep in your own denial!
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