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Misc Unsigned Bands - Checkers And Stripes - Whose Destiny Was That tab

ďWhose Destiny Was That?Ē
By Checkers & Stripes
From their new album ďLife Just Sucks!Ē

Verse		(Distorted)

Chorus (Distorted)

Interlude (Clean)
|-----4 ---4---7-----9------4----4-|


Whenever I was late for our dates you always waited
You would always cradle me in your arms til I was no longer wasted
No matter what I would do youíd put up with me
We had something so special why couldnít I see

Do you miss the times we used to play
Back then if we saw ourselves now what would we say
I miss how I used to sleep by you on the floor
But itíll never happen again since weíre not together anymore

In case youíre wondering why I wrote this song
Itís to say Iím sorry I was the one that was wrong
Did I just act like I was way too stuck up
Or like you werenít good enough


So Iíd like to say Iím really sorry too
But thereís nothing for me to try to do
Iíll never go back to the way I was 
Donít try to change me itís a lost cause

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