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Misc Unsigned Bands - Mostly Away - There Is A Line tab

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Mostly Away Ė There is a line

Tabbed by Guillaume Barthet (

Tab Explanation

s       Slide
h       Hammer-on
p       Pull-off
T       Tap
B       Bend the note to the fret after the B
R       Release back to the originally bent note
A.H.    Artificial Harmonic
m       Palm Muted
//      Trem Pick (Pick as fast as possible)


Fig. 1

Fig. 2

There is a line
Between me and sadness
There is a line
I can see its madness

There is a line
Which is growing bigger
There is a line
Which is getting stronger

There is a line
In my head and in my eyes
There is a line
I can see its lies

There is a line
Between you and me
There is a line
Between the sky and the sea

There is a line
And I donít care after all
There is a line 
'Cause today it will fall
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