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Misc Unsigned Bands - John Salib - The Author Wrote The End chords

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Bm - F# - / G - D A

Verse 1:

Bm - F# - / G - D A
When all things seem right, but all things are wrong
We look to ourselves, and say so long
The tears in their eyes, such huge surprise
Instead we hide, while they live a lie 


Bm G D A
Look in the mirror, what do you find
Looking for answers, without a fight
There not inside
It's not all right
The author wrote the end.

Verse 2:

Bm  F# / G  D A
So say goodnight, all things in white
I'll see you again, even in hell
You fought a good fight, at least you think so right?
The countless nights, you lived with your frights
You can't find the light, you started this fight
Now your in the land of the damned


G ,  A , Bm, A , G, Bm
Why does it matter
Why do I try
There's no truth in the mirror
There's no where to hide
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