Misc Unsigned Bands - Gem Club - 252 chords

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Song: 252
Artist: Gem Club
Tabbed By: Dave Grayhl
Tuning: Standard

Not sure why they aren't signed, or UG hasn't heard of them before they're brilliant.
This song I found on youtube, amazing band, bought the album it's so good!
This is orgininaly piano, I've just turned it into guitar XD

intro: C/Em x2
Verse 1;
    C             Em
the cells of this body
    C               Em
have all lost their memory
    C            Em
confused by each other
    C          Em
to work out of order
      C              Em
and I hate that they require
    C          Em          Am
the need to be together
how could they go wrong
     Am                                   F      G
this terrible anatomy will surely get the best of me

G     B                     C           
maybe they'd grow in someone else 
G     B                     C      D7 B     
maybe they'd grow in someone else

Verse2: same as verse 1!
we heard back to your place
it's not such a nice place
i'm still a little nervous
i thought that you would notice
and i hate that this requires
for us to be together
maybe i was wrong
a simple little strategy
to get rid of all that's wrong with me

maybe they'd grow in someone else
                                   D7 B Em
watch as they grow in someone else
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