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Misc Unsigned Bands - Embers To Diamond - Stick Shift chords

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Bm                F#m            G--
The wild wind is blowing my hair,

Bm              F#m            G--
On my top-down car, 80’s playing on the air

Bm              F#m            G--
Driving all along this long road of nowhere

           G-A      G-A
And I opt to go easy and sing this song


Bm      G              D        A
Stick shift, where are you leading me
Slower to trace, Driftin’ to pace
I don’t wanna know where you want me to be
Stick shift, it will be just you and me.

Verse II
As I drive towards the corner,
I saw this roamer wearing his pullover
Signaled me to stop and asked, “Can you get me to Denver?”
“Get in, I said”, and we begin to chatter.

D/F#m-G-A               Bm-F#-G       
The ways he smiles back, it seems quite infectious
His sexy voice makes my heart go delirious
Stick shift, is this my fate? So mysterious
A fine day like this, what more can I ask for…

(Repeat chorus)
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