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Misc Unsigned Bands - Talain Rayne - Dear Sister Your Brother chords

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Talain Rayne
Dear Sister, Your Brother
Intro:    F  Bb  Dm  
F                  Bb                Dm
Come Back Old lights, and childish fights 
do you remember all the good times 
F                  Bb                Dm 
when we were young, and when we made fun 
watching all those lovers making old rhymes 
F                     Bb              Dm                    C              
As I sail out onto the sea, all these rocks burning beneath me 

F       Bb     Dm     C
woah oh oh 

F                       Bb
Please say everything is okay 
tell me we can go play 
like we did when we were younger 
F                        Bb
Oh, Oh well sing and SHOUT 
lying on the ground 
starring up at worlds beyond our own. 

F     Bb   F    Bb

F             Bb              Dm                      C
Would you save the stinging bee, if it fell into the ocean 
F          Bb              Dm         C
Yes I would, i'd pull it out, like a brother to a sister. 
F          Bb                     Dm         C
I feel the sting, and hear you shout as you find another mister 
F     Bb   Dm    C
woah oh oh 


Dm                             Gm          Bb               C
Cause yea you'll sing when i shout, cause you know I'm gonna make it. 
Dm                          Gm            Bb               C
And you'll sing, and I'll shout cause you know were gonna make it 
Dm                        Gm              Bb               C
And you'll sing when you shout, cause you know your gonna make it. 

Chorus 2X
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