Misc Unsigned Bands - Karin Park - On My Way chords

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This might not be the best chords ever, but there is no Karin Park at Ultimate-
Guitar AT ALL, so I felt like I should do something about it.
Please let me know if you have ideas to make it better :)

I like to hold the two highest (?) strings while I play Em, C and G. 

Capo 2nd 

I'm on my way
  Em                  Cadd9
No one around me could tell me to stay
After so long
  Em                      Cadd9
I travel the miles just to see if your home
Cadd9  Em
Lala lala 
Cadd9             D      Cadd9
Time has told me not to wait

D                        Cadd9                    G
I wanted to be like the first time I sat by your side
     Em               Cadd9
When everyone seemed nice
D                           Cadd9                     G
I wanted to taste like the first time I found myself breathing your love
Cadd9       Em
Its been so long
Cadd9          D
And Im not the same
But time is not to blame

I remember your voice
           Em                  Cadd9
It sounds slightly deeper than I used to know
Eight years ago
      Em                           Cadd9
Am I still in those cartoons that you used to draw?
Lala lala
Cadd9         D        Cadd9
I would never ask for more
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