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Misc Unsigned Bands - Hatch Winik - Simply Me chords

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Intro: Am-C-G

Sometimes I ask myself
Am I really that bad?
To deserve someone like you
you ruin my whole life through

Now so everything's messed up
Everything's so wrong
In this place called home
I know I don't belong

'Coz you dont appreciate 
all the good things in me
But I can't be someone you want me to be
I keep praying about this constantly
But all I can say is sorry
this is simply me

simply me..

(same chords as stanza I)
You just don't know the nights I've cried
Of all the pain I feel inside
Forgive me but my madness still ain't gone
coz of the things you've said and done

I hope you know all of these
I'll take these things til I rest in peace
(Repeat Chorus)

My mind's all screwed up 
and I don't know what to do
I longed for the day when I'll be perfect for you
I wanna know your own side and talk it through
but inspite of erything I still..
Still do love you

(Repeat Chorus) 
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