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Misc Unsigned Bands - Kingston Trio - Tiajuana Jail chords

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The Kingston Trio:
# 12 in 1959.

G           C                 G
We went one day about a month ago,
                 D           G
To have a little fun, in Mexico.
         C                G
We ended up in a gambling spot,
                 D                        G
Where the liquor flowed and the dice were hot.
G          C                  G
So here we are in the Tijuana Jail,
G            D                 G 
Ain't got no friends to go our bail.
G             C                   G 
So here we'll stay cause we can't pay,
G             D                   G 
Just send our mail to the Tijuana Jail. 

G              C                   G
I was shootin' dice, rakin' in the dough,
G      D                  G
when I heard this whistle blow.
G             C                 G 
We started to run when a man in blue,
G                 D                     G 
Said, Senor, come with me, cause I want you.


G                 C                          G
Just five hundred dollars and they'll set us free.
G                  D                       G
I couldn't raise a penny if you threatened me.
G           C                         G
I know five hundred, don't sound like much.
G               D                 G
But just try to find, somebody to touch. 


A fabulous fifties hit from Kraziekhat.

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