Misc Unsigned Bands - Simon Ostebo - My Love Should Have Shown chords

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This sounds best with a Capo on 2nd fret, but you choose :)
Use a metronome at 70/72 and you`re there.

Im lost in your eyes, trying to look cool
now im tired of waiting, staring at you
well it seems like youve gone, out of my sight
I was going to tell you, I promised tonight

Maybe your to good, or maybe too pretty
it feels like i`ve lost you, off course I`m to shitty
I focused to much on the things that you liked
Forgot to be nice, oh it must been a sight

Trying to tell you, just what i felt
forgot to show feelings, it didnt really helped
            C                          G
now im just stuck with my head here alone
F                              C
thinking of that time when my love should have shown

C Am F G

I`m just to lazy, I`m just to lack
I`m afraid to ask you, just watching your back
Finding excuses for running away
My love for you is crazy, I`ll kiss you one day

I got to be strong, I believe it in me
Walking up closely, oh my god she is so pretty
Touching here shoulder, and she is turning around
Looking at my face, we`re not making a sound


Trying to tell you...

I said that i loved you, said that i care
Said I was sorry, it wasnt quite fair
I grabbed your chins, taking you closer
Kissing you gently while holding your shoulder


Trying yo show you, just what I felt
Trying to show feelings, seems like it helped
Im kissing you here all alone
thinking of the time when my love should have shown
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