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Misc Unsigned Bands - Bj Stewart - Breathtaking chords

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by: BJ Stewart

Verse 1:
Bb               F/A     Eb(8)           Gm(8)
  I know of Your fame,      I'm in awe     of Your works
F                Eb
  Oh that You'd make them known
Bb            F/A               Eb(8)                  Gm(8)
  Your glory covers the heavens     and Your praise      fills the earth
F            Eb
 Your splendor, like the sunrise

Bb       F    Gm          Eb
  Beautiful,       breathtaking
Bb          F                Gm       Eb
 Sovereign Lord You are my strength
Bb        F    Gm     Eb                 
  I will run      to You my deliver
Bb      F                Gm     Eb
  In my Savior I will rejoice

Bb    F/A    Eb(8)    Gm(8)    F    Eb

Verse 2:
Bb              F/A            Eb(8)             Gm(8)
 You stood and shook the earth, nations tremble,   mountains crumble
F      Eb
 Your ways are eternal
Bb           F/A                Eb(8)         Gm(8)
 The sun and moon stand still in the heavens,    my heart's pounding
F              Eb
 How I tremble at the sound

Words and music by BJ Stewart  2006 BJ Stewart Band.  2012 Jawbone Ministries Publishing.
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