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Misc Unsigned Bands - Bj Stewart - Everything chords

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by: BJ Stewart

Verse 1:
E                   B
 You are my Refuge, You're my Strength
A                   B
 Your love inspires me to sing
E                         B
 You're a Mighty Warrior, You are strong
A                              B
 You're the Solid Ground I'm standing on

         E             B
You are God, You are King
You're my Everything
       E     B           A
Everywhere I go I see You
         E             B          A
You are righteous and pure, Your love endures
E         B      A                    E 
All of creation sings, You are everything

Verse 2:
E            B
 Abba Father, Morning star
A                            B
Lilly of the Valley, that's who You are
E                   B
 You opened my eyes and now I see
      A                           B                      
Your eye is on the sparrow and I know You're watching me

Words and music by BJ Stewart  2006 BJ Stewart Band.  2012 Jawbone Ministries Publishing. 
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