Misc Unsigned Bands - Emblem3 - Sunset Boulevard tab

Sunset Boulevard by Emblem3               
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(Sorry if I used letters instead of chords, there's a tab that you can follow anyway, Enjoy!) ;)

s = e----------|     


Intro - repeat 2x

       x          y      z    w

          x                 y
I said I love my women like I love my juice, naked!
  z         w
All natural no preservatives or fakeness!
   x                  y
I like my ladies like I like my brainy's, in bunches!
 z                 w
Got the six pack, I ain't talkin' 'bout the crunches!
 x                     y
Hit it till I quit it like Tyson's punches!
 z                    w
That's how you gotta rock if you wanna run shoot
  x       y
A sweat, a sweat make it less fizzy
 z                w
Buzz kill Betty got me dolly dolly dizzy
 x                 y
Lost in her eyes like oh my God where is she?
 z                 w                              x    y
Down here in south Cal boy we gettin' busy in the city...
                        z   w
We gettin' busy in the city...
                      x          s                    y   z
Let's take a trip to sunset boulevard in the city of stars
             x              s               y z
The city of blinding lights and starry eyes..
                                  x   s
I said now welcome to the city of angels!
 y       z
whooah whoooah
        x   s      y      z      w
City of angels! whoooah whooooah
         x                    y
I set a bright future reflex off my aviators
 z                   w
Here's a peace sign going out to all my haters!
 x            y
High five Keaton, no hurt hand when we
 z           w
Get samples at Yoghurtland and we
 x          y
Chill soon talk about Betty Blomby
 z          w                          x
Kill Bruz play Call of Duty zombies.. Yeah!
She started to get the best of me
 z                           w
While she makes her mind of whether she wants me or Wesley
 x          y      z            w 
Da da do, da da do, da da do du da do, da do, da do


Adlib: x-y-x-w (on repeat)

     x-s   y   z  x  s  y  z  
In this, city of,  angels!
w                   x
  whooooah whooooah an-angels....

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