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This one is for all the undergrad/grad students out there. :-)

 C*  G7

C                         F
Under twinkling airplanes
I work all through the night.

C*                       Am
Attaching the electrodes
                      G     G7
comes a crackle and a light.

    F              G
And every igor has this
monster to attend.

      F                        G
But I never calculated that it meant,
I would lose you in the end.
C                       F
Underneath the lamppost
in the sweaty summer heat,

    C*                 Am
I'm buried in the lab,
                                G     G7
when I could be finding love so sweet.

        F                   G
And I'm comfortable, I guess,
but something is amiss.
        F                            G
Guess I never thought I'd end up all alone
like this.
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