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Misc Unsigned Bands - Well Strung - Angeline chords

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{title: Angeline}
{subtitle: }

 Winter on Cold Moun[B7]tain 
I had a da[Em]ughter so fine[B7]
[Em]She was my everythi[B7]ng
We named[Em] her Angeline[B7]
We live[C]d on the mountain s[G]o high 
My wife a[C]nd I and Angeline[G]
My wife g[D]ot ill and then she died
No[B7]w all I have is Angeline[Em]

I became a drunker
Doing what drunkerís do
And by the time she was 12 
My little Angeline was through
I treated her so poor back then
She swore never to return again
And now Iím on my bendin knee
Beggin Angeline come back to me
Ange[D]line Oh [Em]Angeline
Wonít you [C]come back to Cold M[D]ountain one more t[Em]ime
Ang[D]eline Oh[Em] Angeline
[C]Please donít let me[D] go
[C]My heart is filled with [D]woe

I fought in that Civil War
And every day that went by
All that I could think of 
Was my little Angeline
I survived that war and headed home 
Back on Cold Mountain never to roam
When a wayward Yankee shot me in the side  
Now her on Cold Mountain Iím going to die

Angeline Oh Angeline
Wonít you come back to Cold Mountain one more time?
Angeline Oh Angeline
My end is drawing near
Iíll never see you again I fear

Now when I came to
I had a vision so fine
There nursing me back to health 
My own little Angeline
She said that she has forgiving me
The bottle is gone I let it be
And now were back on the Mountain so high
Living there with Angeline

Angeline Oh Angeline
She came back to Cold Mountain one more time
Angeline Oh Angeline
We will never part
We are joined right at the heart
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