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Written by Stefan Szabo
Standard Tuning
Capo 2
Key- D (C capo 2)

Intro: Am7 - C/G - F - Am7 x3

Verse 1:
Am7                      C/G
Back and forth around we go
F                      Am7
When we'll stop nobody knows
Am7                            C/G
Never thought that there would be
F                       Am7 - G
Someone walking next to me

Instrumental: Am7 - C/G - F - Am7

Verse 2:
  Am7                    C/G
I take my seat below the salt
     F                       Am7
Your eyes they see beyond my faults
Am7                        C/G
Always looking through the mess
   F                    Am7 - G
I am the cause I must confess

I am monochrome
But you are colorblind
Can you see inside?
Can you see inside?
In the morning light
Love is black and white
Can you see inside?
Am7             F - C - G - Am7 - F - C - G
Can you see inside?

Instrumental: Am7 - C/G - F - Am7 x2

Verse 3:
Am7                         C/G
If ever it would cross your mind
    F                        Am7
To somehow leave this all behind
   Am7                 C/G
The battles begging to forget
     F                     Am7 - G
The loss it never could forgive


Instrumental: Am7 - C/G - F - Am7

Verse 4:
    Am7                   C/G
The differences we cannot change
    F                        Am7
The many more mistakes we've made
    Am7               C/G
The promises we never kept
           F                  Am7 - G
But you've always been one to accept

Chorus x2
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