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Written by Stefan Szabo, Isaac Szabo
Capo 4
Key E (C Capo 4)

Intro: C-F-C-F-C-F-C-G-C x2

Verse 1:
F      C           F     C
Twenty-two and I'm on my own
F        C        G    C
Floatin' down the Sangamon
F      C          F   C
Denton told me by any means
F       C       G   C
Head on down to New Orleans

Instrumental: F-C-F-C-F-C-G-C x2

Verse 2:
F     C          F    C
Saw a man locked in a cage
F      C       G       C
Twenty dollars someone paid
    F       C       F        C
His life no more belonged to him
    F         C         G        C
His sweat his blood his tears to them

                 Am            F
Through all this constant misery
          C            G
Always pretending to believe
          Am          F                C      G
I seem to find myself longing for what was
              Am          F
And some they never will agree
       C               G
Eye to eye they cannot see
           Am                    F         C
I'd walk a thousand miles for to come back home x2

Instrumental: F-C-F-C-F-C-G-C x2

Verse 3:
    F         C           F        C
The struggles now they've come and gone
    F      C       G        C
The end is near it won't be long
     F    C         F       C
When I am king I'll set you free 
F        C         G         C
From the chains of those you feed

Verse 4:
           F          C               F       C
Well their hearts are black but their skin is white
     F        C        G     C
They won't go down without a fight
     F     C         F       C
They never care just what is said
     F          C        G        C
They won't give in 'till blood is shed


Dm    F       C                  G
Honestly, honesty's just not for me
E7           F                C          G
I'd trade it all for a simple life, it's true

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