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DRIVE by Eric Cole - The Castenedas

Chords Verses =  B  A

Dark dark morning look at all these cars
Look at all of these people in all of these cars
Rain rain radios on
Lonely songs in their ears
Chorus D A B

Someday soon I will find a direction
Someday soon I will be in your arms
Someday soon I will find a direction
Someday soon no more lonely songs.... but in the meantime...
We're still driving thru' the rain
Why did that man leave his woman sleeping
Why is that lonely woman weeping
And why is the child inside me
Why must I worry
Why must I wait
Why must I work
A thing I hate
Gasoline rainbows in the water on the street
Money to earn,filthy air to breathe
People on my feet
People on my head
All these people rushin' towards the same death
Chorus by 2
Chords Verses =  B  A
Chorus = D A B
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