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The Name of God
By: B.J. Stewart
Key: A

Verse 1:
    A          E
Elohim, El Shadai
D                   F#m    E
  Jehovah, Almighty,   Adonai
A                       E
  Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last
D                          F#m             E
  God our Rock, our Refuge,  our righteousness
A                 E
  Ancient of Days,  the Great I Am  
D                         F#m               E
  Everlasting Father, the rock on which I stand
A                       E                          
  Wonderful  Counselor,  Prince of Peace
D                  F#m          E
  Mighty Warrior, Blessed Trinity

     A            F#m     D             F#m       E  
The sound of Your name is water for my thirsty soul
     A        F#m            D              F#m - E
To speak Your name takes me higher, so much higher
     A              F#m           D               F#m          E
The beauty of Your name paints a picture worth a thousand words
     A               F#m         D             F#m     E     A               
The comfort of Your name brings warmth to this coldness in me

Verse 2:
A             E
  Abba Father,  Faithful Friend
D                        F#m             E
  Savior Messiah, Son of God and Son of Man
A                             E
  Good and faithful Shepherd,   Father of Light
D                         F#m                     E
    Blessed Redeemer, the Way, the truth and the Life

      D      F#m - E
Your Name is Majesty

Words and music by BJ Stewart  2012 Jawbone Ministries Publishing. All rights reserved.
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