Misc Unsigned Bands - My Strange Addiction - Evil Eye chords

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This a slow song with acoustic mixed with electric. Enjoy :)

Intro X4 (Am,G,Am,G,Em)

Verse #1:

Am     G                      Am
Do You Know Where Your Goin'

Am         G                Em          Am
Cause Your Headin' Down The Wrong Road

Am      G              Am
But You Don't Know It

Am      G       Em     Am
Your In Serious Danger

Guitar Fill #1 X4 (Am,G,Am,G,Em)

Verse #2:

Am     G                 Am
I Have Walked For Miles

Am    G                Em           Am
Never Finding What I'm Lookin' For

Am  G    Am
I'm Lost

Am   G    Em
I Am Very Lost

C    G             D
It's Impossible To Find It

C    G             D
It's Impossible To Hide It

C     G                   D
It'll Be A Miracle If You Catch It

C    G               D
Your Looking For The Eye Of Evil

Then theres just heavy riffing in A,G,E power chords.
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