Misc Unsigned Bands - Andrew Rannells - When She Smiles tab

      F                      C

This is the picking for the verses. When you get to the Am and G, just change chord 
shapes and pick the same strings.

The F in the verses is xx3210, but is a normal barred F in the chorus.

F C            F          C
Oh, there's a rumor in my heart
    F                  C            F            C
It's saying there's a girl about to make me fall apart
Am G          F               C
Oh, should I run or should I hide?
Am    G             F       C         Dm
Gosh,it's like I'm back in junior high
C               F      D           Dm
I should just walk on out that door
C        F           G            Dm       C
This is way so much more than I bargained for
    F           G       Dm   C   F -let ring
So stop staring in her eyes

            F     C                 F        G
But when she cries, it's not some ornamental sigh
           G         C                F            G
And when she breathes, it brings the world to its knees
            F     C   F   G
But when she smiles,
            F       C   F   G
it's when she smiles
            F       C
It's when she smiles

F C            F            C
Oh, there's a dreamer in my soul
      F             C                    F           C
He's dreaming up a scene where we, like, really lose control
Am G             F             C
Oh, I think I'm pretty sure far gone
   Am               G                 F           C       Dm
I feel a strange sensation like some poetry's coming on
  C              F        G             Dm
You're like the sky, so vast and blue
C    F           G           Dm       C
And I'm like a bird getting lost in you
        F              G
Just floating on your song

               F      C                F                G
'Cause when she speaks, it's like my heart just skipped a beat
          G      C                  F             G
And when she moves, it's like the world's fallen through
            F       C      F    G
But when she smiles
            F       C     F     G
it's when she smiles
             F        C
It's when she smiles

C -mute           F                C
This won't be another road that I didn't take
       F                  C
Not another day with the same mistake
       F                 C
Not another cake that I didn't bake
      F                      C
Not another Snow White that I didn't wake
      F                  C
Not another fear that I couldn't shake
       F                 C
Not another rhyme that I didn't make
      F                 C
Not another rule that I didn't break
     F                      G
Not another love that I had to fake


(same picking as verse)
            F          C
But when she smiles...
               F             C
It's not some ornamental sigh..
            F             C
And when she breathes...
                   C -let ring
It's when she smiles.
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