Misc Unsigned Bands - Madeleine Slate - Never Know The Word Lonely chords

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Heard this song on Hart of Dixie and fell in love with it. Couldn't find lyrics
for the song so wrote them by ear and I'm sure there are some errors.
Be sure to check out some of Madeleine's music - she is incredibly talented!

Capo on 1:

Intro: C Am F G C

                      C                        Am
Baby we donít have to be alone, like everybody else we know, yeah we donít
need to be lonely like
      G                C
the rest of them.
                           C                          Am
And baby we donít need to ever frown, like everybody else round town, yeah we
donít need to be
                G             C
lonely like the rest of them

          F             G                 C                      F
Everybody knows thereís exceptions to the darkness, everyone can see thereís
  G            C              F                    G           C
a future where lie. Everybody knows weíre scraping pennies for regardless,
              F             G               C
never have to know the word lonely again.

Verse 2 (same chords as verse 1)
Baby we donít need a holiday, weíll just live this way every day, weíll never need
to plan ahead like the rest of them. And baby we donít need to get real jobs to
work until our arms fall off, yeah we donít need to be lonely like the rest of
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