Misc Unsigned Bands - Kyle Grant - Humble Beginnings chords

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Capo on 1
Strumming: D DU UDUD DU
Verse 1:
(voice alternates low/high between lines)
When we were kids we would follow the sun till it burned out.
C                           F                      G
Rainbows would go on forever, of this there was no doubt.
C                         F                      G
We had no reasoning but we had our ways of loving life
C                     F                    G        
We would pretend in my backyard that we were husband and wife.
C                      F                       G 
There was no such thing as facebook; twitter or tumblr the same.
Am                          Em        F                      G
There were no iPhones or IGNS, because we all had our real names
Am                       Em       F                         G
But then technology took it's course, and we are soley to blame
     F                G                    C              Am
The fact that the youth feels no remorse,that our world is starting to change
    F                          G               C                        Am
But if we can find our humble start, then things will go back to good.
    F                  G                      C                   Am
Have you thought about your past? Well, i think ya should.
F                  G             C                 Am
Cuz we all have our childhood, so i think its time to do
     F               G            C                   Am
Cuz every bit of that childhood, is damn well a right to you
    F                  G             C                    Am
Strum twice
C F Gx2
Now here we are on the floor, it seems we are teens now
C                      F                      G
The feeling of freedom it looks to me that it is weighed down,
    C                       F                    G
We have new friends and new passions, new forms of expression.
C                             F                    G
It's sad that our character's summed up by form of possessions.
     C                        F                     G
But if we look past all the bullshit, then friends are easy to make.
Am                          Em         F                       G
These years should be the best of your life; because your future's at stake
Am                         Em                F                          G
Now i'd make this song about birth to death, but i wouldnt know how.
     F                        G             C                  Am
You see that im only 15 myself, so i cannot allow.
    F                 G        C             Am
But you can find out on your own, and i suggest that you do.
F                     G          C                       Am
cause every bit of this life i live, is damn well a right to you
      F                  G               C                   Am
F G C (With walk down on A string 2nd fret)Am
F G C (Add third)
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