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Misc Unsigned Bands - Minji And Tara - Jail Fever chords

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so this is a song that my friend Minji and i wrote together for our social studies 
10 class. its about typhus in case you're wondering 

capo 5th

I think I'm crazy
slightly hazy
  Em                   C
I have chills down my back

Low blood pressure 
High fever
  Em             C
sensitivity to light


G       D   Em      C
oohhoooooh I'm  delirious
G       D         Em            C
oohhoooooh screw rickettsia, bacteria
  G          D            Em        C
I'm sick I'm tired and there is no cure
     G       D         Em     C
this rash is making me insecure

my joints are aching
I am coughing
  Em                   C
my back is killing me tonight

awful headache
  Em                    C
I think Im going to throw up



 G          D  
I'm on my death bed
 Em          C
Jail fevers gone to my head
G         D  Em   C
immigration gone wrong


G D Em C x2

This is what life like
when you've got typhus
  Em                     C
i think i gave it to my wife
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