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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Lamms - Paradise Fading chords

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The Lamms – Paradise Fading


G       G      G      G      *
G       G      G      G      *       x2
Em      Em     Em     Em     *
Em      Em     Em     Em     *       x2


A       Em
A       Em
A       Em

Verse 1

I can see it in your eye boy
You just won't let it lie
Your fighting for survival in this-
Cage you call your life
It took this long to realise that-
Something ain't quite right
They took your chance of paradise
And now it's time to fight
Think about your freedom and the-
Things you call your dreams
You make this thing called money, but the-
Money is the means
I ask you what you do boy and you-
Talk of 9 to 5
I ask you what you are man and you-
Say barely alive…


You can't seem to let it lie
You won't let it pass on by
You won't lay down and die …

Verse 2

I can see it in your eye boy that you-
Clearly live to work
Time can slip away from you and-
Darkness starts to lurk
Your hands they feel like tools in a-
Factory production
Your mind is caught behind the bars of-
Consumer seduction
I know what you’re thinking boy, you've-
Got it all worked out
Your looking back in anger with a-
Scream and shout
Go about your business boy, and-
Please never look back
Cos you will see a broken trail-
Upon this beaten track…


Verse 3

Take a leaf from those you mock and-
Open up your mind
Peace can come in many forms-
Along the daily grind
A hundred million moments pass you-
By with every blink
Time can slip away from us-
Before we get to think
I know you think about the fact these-
Moments slip away
I see in you and everyone a-
Chance to seize the day
Take your glass and fill it up if-
It is nearly empty
Take a chance and fill it to the-
Brim with something tempting


You'll soon learn to let it lie
You'll grab it when it passes by
These things make up your life
You won't lay down and die 

(Cotson 2012)
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