Misc Unsigned Bands - The Lamms - Dedicated To Me chords

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The Lamms Ė Dedicated To Me


A       G      F      E
A       G      F      E
F       G
A       G      F      E

Verse 1

This song, is dedicated to me
I wake up sometimes, thinking how it could be
Then I sit here
I sit here alone
Feels like all my flesh is ripped from my bones

Verse 2

This song, is dedicated to me
Thereís no one in this world, more evil than she
She used all her tricks
The tricks of the trade
Until all that I used to be was erased

Verse 3

This song, is dedicated to me
Sometimes I wonder, why this is happening to me
But Iím still here
And she is still there
Sheís even tried to change the colour of her hair

Verse 4

This song, is dedicated to me
This is the last time, someone will walk over me
I know it will take
Some time to move on
But Iíve learnt what donít kill you, it just makes you strong

Verse 5

So this song, is dedicated to me
I donít need no one else, itís all down to me
I might need some help
Somewhere down the road
But Iíll be laughing at this when Iím old

(White 2010)
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