Misc Unsigned Bands - The Lamms - Dont Wanna Be chords

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The Lamms Ė Donít Wanna Be


B       D      A      E
B       D      A      E
B       D      A      E
B       D      A      E


B       G
B       G
B       G
B       G

Verse 1

So to keep
From my sleep
Not too far
Not too deep

Must recoup
From the day
All that passed
Canít give way

In this world
Thereís no time
Goís too fast
Blows my mind

Canít you see?
Donít wanna be
Just another


A Capricorn saved from the dayís routine
A trusted man, you say, heís so hircine
Live forever, is it make believe
Of this life I fear I dare not leave

(Burgess 2010)
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