Misc Unsigned Bands - Wills - Pinnacle chords

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E                 A           B                     E
Look at my reflection, I see a lucky man
E               A         B                E
Living in a cliche, happy that I am
E                          A          B                              E
Don't have much money, what I've gots worth more
E                      A         B                            C#m
Everyone around me, your the one worth breathing for
C#m   B                A
I can't be, without you
C#m        A          B
Take my hand, tonight

E                                A     B                              E
We've been climbing forever, but were almost there
E                                   A                 B             C#m
Take a few more steps with me, it's worth it I swear
C#m                       A            B                          C#m
We've reached the top now, the worlds at our feet
C#m                A                     B                             C#m
Your eyes are opened by the view here from the peak
C#m                          B                                         A
Gaze down upon the vista of our past and you'll see
A                             E
We've reached the pinnacle.
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