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The Lamms  What You Want


A       G      F
A       G      F
A       G      F
A       G      F


G       A
G       A
G       A
G       A      X2 

Verse 1

What you see aint what you get and-
How you feel is-
Lost in the trans-a-lation
Where you go and who you see is-
Nothing more than an-
Answer to isolation
Why you choose the path you do-
Is nothing more than-
Idle speculation
How you fail to admit the truth-
Is how your in your
Present situation


You should listen
For a second
See the sense in
What your wanting 

Verse 2

What you said the other night was-
Some way short of a-
Decent revelation
When you saw the next best thing-
Being advertised-
It was your little revolution
When I see you sitting there-
I can take a while-
And take in the situation
Take a break its getting late
Youre the master of your-
Tendency for devastation


Verse 3

I cant take another day of-
Living in this-
House of a bad religion
Something tells me I should find a-
New and truthful-
Line of my own enquiry
This is where I get up and leave Im-
A ghost to you and my-
Past is a distant memory
Who knows what the future holds-
Who knows how we want-
Want to end this story?

(Cotson 2012)
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