Misc Unsigned Bands - Flora Cash - Mighty Fine chords

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flora cash
'mighty fine'

Capo: 4th fret

Intro: Am Dm7 Cmaj Gmaj


           Am           Dm7   C             G
 I've been high on your love, high on your love.

           Am           Dm7           G
 I've been high on your love, for so long.

Verse 1:

Am         Dm7        C          G
 I dropped in on you... you were waiting for a sign,

Am  Dm7                     G          G
  I thought I brought you mine.

I saw you standing there... on that empty stair,
lookin' mighty fine.


Verse 2:
I left a message there... bottled up with care,
I waited for the tone.
I thought you understood... we got us something good,
we needn't be alone.


Bridge: Am Dm7 C G (la de da da da da...)




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