Misc Unsigned Bands - Eilemonty - Only A Muffin chords

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C G Bm F
I watch you from a distance
I gander from afar
I feel so sad without you
Like the last cookie from a jar
I wish that I could tell you those 3 words and take it on the chin
But I can never do that or win
For I'm only a muffin

Only a muffin

I have no idea what gender I am
But what I do know is our love will last forever
I love you like a pony who really loves a thing
Like a duck to a river or water
I would wubs you with all my heart
If I had a heart
But I'm made of

Dm C Am Dm
I got flour, baking powder and butter
I got sugar, milk and chocolate chips

A# C Am Dm
You want eggs, just add two
But who cares, no big deal,
I love youuuuuuuuuu

C G Bm F
You are as graceful as a pig on ice
Your eyes make me melt like an ice Popsicle 
I just don't know what went wrong with our starcrossed love 
I wish we could fly to the castle togeeeeeetherrrrrrr

But I'm not a multicolored Pony
I'm only a Muffin

Never gonna give you up
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