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Misc Unsigned Bands - Joseph Christie Band - Lose My Life chords

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Intro:  B  G#m  E  B  F#  E  B  F#
B [ch]Bb/B[/ch] G#m        B            [ch]Bb/B[/ch]     G#m
I will not fear Cause you have called me here               
To be Your hands
B             [ch]Bb/B[/ch]    G#m
My life is Yours Alone
B          [ch]Bb/B[/ch]     G#m          E
And Iím ready to go be Your hands
Be Your hands
           B           G#m
All that I am I lay it down
             E     B  F#
Iíll lose my life for You                 
B                   G#m
To love like you love and know itís enough
E  B  F#    (double chorus turnaround is E G#m E F#)
I surrender
Verse 2:
So take me as I am
Itís Your perfect plan thatís called me here
Youíve given me more than Iíll ever need 
to be Your hands 
Be Your feet
E       G#m      E       F#      E    G#    E       F#
I surrender;   I surrender;  I surrender;  I surrender
Ending: G#m  B  E
   F#  (x2
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